Burial with Dignity.


We work with our business partners and stakeholders to overcome barriers to accessing burial services for our veterans. Our aim to assist our heroes in times of need for the countless sacrifices they made for our country to ensure our freedom and liberty.

As an organization, we help veterans get the best of everything through continuous support and assistance to live a dignified life. With a strategy of brotherhood, coordination, cooperation, and creativity, we work in conjunction with veteran’s service organizations, corporate sponsors, and nonprofits to provide assistance and advocacy at national and local levels.

Burial & Cremation Services.
We offer an affordable alternative to eligible veterans for proper burial services. At Burial with Dignity, we provide a variety of options to suit your specific funeral needs, including traditional church funerals to immediate burials. Our organization works with specialized funeral service providers who are capable of processing all required paperwork; furnish needed merchandise, documents, and preparation of the deceased.

We have been recognized by communities and veteran supporting organizations for our dedication to honoring and serving all those who have proudly stand for our nation and rights. Through our continuous assistance, we have built a reputation as an honest & reliable burial and cremation service provider for all honorably discharged veterans and their spouses.

Support Services.
Life in the military is tough, and need valor individuals. It is not an ordinary job, and sometimes you have to sacrifice everything for your country, its people, and its values. You got to leave your family, lovely children, parents to ensure the freedom our constitution provides while battling your life in seas and on land.

Veterans put their lives on risk, take projectiles, shrapnel, and explosive for this country and bear the hardships we can’t even imagine. But with such heroism and dedication, working in the military also taught you to expect the unexpected and keep hopes alive.
At Built with Dignity, we provide support services for eligible veterans and their families. We collaborate with state, local, and nonprofit organizations to help you deal with post-retirement problems and are dedicated to helping veterans achieve their academic and personal goals.
Our team and members take reasonable steps to provide excellent resources for your help while ensuring your dignity and honor. We work with our partners to create programs and assistance in good faith for our veterans. In some cases, our organizers have direct experience in working with organizations providing direct support and counseling to veterans while keeping information confidential.

Eligibility Criteria.
The person qualifying for burial benefits must be:

  • A Veteran, who is discharged from the military, without receiving a dishonorable discharge, or
  • A current service member died while on duty, training, or within an inactive period, or
  • The spouse of a Veteran